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ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System

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The new ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System provides a solution for terminating larger diameter twisted-pair cables, with conductor sizes up to .048”. The ezEX-RJ45™ connector has a hi-lo stagger design to increase performance and accommodate larger conductors found in Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A cables while maintaining the EZ® pass through design. This allows you to verify the wiring sequence before terminating. The new EXO™ professional crimp tool and EXO-EX die set pair with the ezEX-RJ45™; connectors to ensure a flush cut and reliable termination every time. Saving time and money without sacrificing performance on high end jobs.

ezEX-RJ45™ Connectors:
  • 2 connectors for conductors ranging .039" – .048"

  • Pass through design allows for easy verification of wiring sequence

  • One-piece design — bars or liners are not required

  • Rated up to 10 Gigabit for superior performance

  • Works with solid or stranded conductors

  • FCC, RoHS 2 & UL compliant

  • Made in USA

  • EXO-EX Crimp Tool Frame and Dies:
  • One-step to crimp and flush cut/trim ezEX-RJ45™ conductors

  • Die sets are easily interchangeable

  • Reversible die sets for ambidextrous operation

  • Connectors lock into die set port for easier crimping

  • Push button lock for easy storage

  • Ergonomic Comfort Grip TPR Handles

  • Part Numbers

    EXO Crimp Frame + EXO-EX Die set for ezEX-RJ45™ Connectors
    EXO Crimp Frame + EZ-RJ45 Die for EZ-RJ45 Connectors
    ezEX-RJ45™ Connectors. 100pc Jar for .039 - .044"
    ezEX-RJ45™ Connectors. 100 pc Jar for .043 - .048"


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    WARNING: Platinum’s EZ-RJ45 connectors and crimp tools are designed to work as a system. Platinum Tools’ products are NOT intended to be compatible with other brands and such unintended use can result in bad connections, breakage, and human safety hazards, and will also void the warranty. Platinum is not responsible for any unintended uses of its products.