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Quick Tips

Combing Your Braid, Coax stripping EZ!:

Tired of pulling the braid back over your coax cable jacket and getting little pieces of braid in your fingers?

Do it the EZ way! Cut a small piece of Velcro, the 'prickly' side, and stick it on the side of your coax stripper. You now have a comb to brush back the braid over the jacket. You will be happy with how nice and even the braid looks and your fingers will be happy too!

F and RG6 Quad, No more stab wounds.:

Pushing an F connector onto RG6 QUAD coax cable can be a real bear, BUT don't despair. Combine these two tools to make it EZ!

1. Use the EZ-GRIP Puck for holding & gripping the cable.

2. Thread the connector onto the F Connector Assembly Removal Tool.

Listen To Your Stripper, Your Coax stripper!:

When stripping coax, do not turn your tool around as though it were a propeller.

As you rotate your tool, listen to the cutting of the braid and when it stops talking to you, turn another 1/8 to a 1/4 turn, open tool and remove the stripper. When rotating, be sure the hand that is holding the cable is supporting the cable immediately next to the tool. Allow no cable play!


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