Xpress Jack™ Punchdown Termination Kit Request for Information

Xpress Jack Punchdown Termination Kit

Now Available

The Xpress Jack Termination Kit makes keystone jack terminations easier than ever. With the Cat5/6 Cable Jacket Stripper and the Scissor-Run Electrician’s Scissors to prep your cable, and the Xpress Jack Punchdown tool to make terminating your Keystone Jacks an easy and expedient process. The kit also includes ten blue Keystone Cat6 110 Jacks and ten white Keystone Cat6 110 Jacks to get you started.

Kit Includes:

  • Xpress Jack™ Punchdown Tool
  • Cat5/6 Cable Jacket Stripper
  • Scissor-Run Electrician’s Scissors
  • Keystone Cat6, 110 Jack, Blue (10)
  • Keystone Cat6, 110 Jack, White (10)
  • Hanging Tool Pouch

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