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Now Available: ezEX-RJ45 Shielded Connectors

ezEX-RJ45 Shielded Connectors

With the advent of larger cable outer diameters and insulation diameters for conductors in Cat6 and Cat6A cables, finding one piece shielded connectors that are easy and convenient to use while still able to handle the increased outer diameters of cables and insulation diameters of conductors has become progressively more difficult. Shielded connectors that are large enough to handle these larger conductors are often multi-piece connectors, requiring multiple tools to prep the connector and making termination of these cables inconvenient at best and prohibitive at worst.

In 2017, Platinum Tools came out with the ezEX-RJ45® Termination System, consisting of the EXO Crimp Frame® with interchangeable die sets, and the ezEX-RJ45 connectors, which come in two sizes, the ezEX™44s and the ezEX™48s. These connectors are designed to handle the larger insulation diameters used in Cat6 and Cat6A cables while still maintaining the EZ-RJ45 pass-through design that allows users to check their wire configuration before crimping.

To facilitate the termination of large-conductor, shielded Cat6 and Cat6A cables, the shielded ezEX-RJ45 connectors have an improved pass-through design with Hi-Lo staggered conductor channels. This lets large conductors pass through the connector to verify wiring order before termination, and an attached load bar on the front of the connector allows for a clean, flush trim when crimped with the patented EXO Crimp Frame + EXO-EX Die™. Combined, these features allow the user to save time and money without sacrificing performance on high-end jobs.

Cable insulation diameter / max outer diameterThe shielded ezEX-RJ45 connectors come in two sizes. The ezEX44s can handle a max outer diameter of 0.280 inches (7.10 millimeters), with an insulation diameter range of 0.039 inches to 0.044 inches (1.0 – 1.12 millimeters). The ezEX48s can handle a max outer cable diameter of 0.305 inches (7.75 millimeters), with an insulation diameter range of 0.043 inches to 0.048 inches (1.09 – 1.22 millimeters). The shielded ezEX44s are available with both external and internal ground options, while the shielded ezEX48s are available with an external ground option only.

Curious about finding connectors to fit your cable? Try our Connector Selector Guide! This guide will ask you a few questions about Cable Jacket max outer diameter and Conductor insulation diameter and what kind of connector you plan on using (whether it be shielded or unshielded, solid or stranded). Then it displays the connector(s) that will best fit your cable!

ezEX-RJ45 Shielded Connectors

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