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Cable Prowler shipping! Test & Report in Color.


TCB300 Cable Prowler Tester

At an unbeatable price.      Ideal for the custom install & integrator market, the Cable Prowler™ combines the functions of a high-end cable and length measurement tester with the capability to identify link status, link capability, and PoE detection. All of this is in full color and internal memory to save, download and output results. For Cat3/5e/6/6a, coax & telephone cable.

The full featured Cable Prowler (using TDR technology) provides cable testing, displaying wire map, numbered ID remotes, and any faults, including shorts, opens, miswires, split pairs, and reverses. It also enables quick identification of a network drops link capability and current link status. All with internal memory to save results, as well as the ability to export to a computer via micro USB cable for record keeping and cclor printing.”

  • Cable Prowler Tester p/n TCB300 msrp $549.00 
  • Cable Prowler Pro Test Kit p/n TCB360K1 msrp $749.00 includes:
Cable Prowler PRO Test Kit

Cable Prowler™ Tester
#1-8 Network/Tel Test and ID Remotes
#1-8 Push on Coax Remotes
#1-12 RJ45 Data Remote set
Micro USB cable • No-Fault cable – Qty 2
RJ45 Port Saver .• RJ45 to Alligator 12 inch
F Female to F Female adapters,, F81 (2)
BNC Female to F Female adapter • BNC Female to F Male adapter
Durable plastic case
User Manual (online)
Warranty Activation Card

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